This is an educational page displaying some examples of the many services available today in the marketplace.
Knowing how to find and select proper technologies to accomplish business objectives is critical in today's modern business environment.  
Business and Technology
Business and technology are inexorably linked. The technologies a ministry or business concern needs and wants can vary greatly. Size, scope, nature of the business or project, existing infrastructure and resources, etc... are all contributing factors. Commonalities exist; however, each situation must be looked at closely.
The following list is a representative sample of the many and varied resources available today:
Business Solutions
Business Cloud Solutions
Develop Business Plan
Develop Marketing, Advertising, and Sales Plan
Develop ERP/CRM System
Develop Accounting System
Project Management 
Program Risk Advisory
Audit & Compliance  
Professional Training & Leadership Coaching 
Change Management
Strategic Outsourcing
Staff Augmentation
Plan Proprietary and or Industry Specific Systems
Design Network & Telecommunication Systems
Centralization versus Distribution
System Upgrade Planning
Security, Fault Tolerance, Data Recovery Planning
Workflow and Documentation Planning
Evaluate New Technologies
All Other
Installation and Support
Operating System and Application Software
Servers, Blade, and Midrange Solutions
Workstations, Notebooks, and Mobile PIM Solutions
Virtualization Technologies
Network Engineering and Administration Packages
Network Wiring/Wireless Technologies
Backup Solutions
Security, Fault Tolerance, Power, Data Recovery
Documentation, Data, and Imaging Solutions
Energy Conservation and Green Solutions
All Other
Desktop Support
Computer Repair
End User Support
Telephone Support
All Security
All Other
Coaching & Training (All types)
All Other
Network Support
ASP & Cloud Computing
Network, Internet, and Remote Connectivity
Troubleshooting & Network Support
Data Backup and Recovery
Security (All Types)
Vendor/Provider Selection
Installation of routers, switches, bridges, etc..
Email, Workflow, Fax, Audio, and Video Solutions
All Software
All Hardware
All Other
Types of Networks
Cloud Networking
Enterprise Wide Area Networks (WAN)
Local Area Networks (LAN)
Wireless Area Networks (WLAN)
Server/Storage Area Networks (SAN)
Personal Area Networks (PAN)
Camput Area Networks (CAN)
Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN)
All Other
Web Technologies
Cloud Sourcing
Web Design
Web Hosting
Related Intranet/Extranet technologies
Relating Web to Morter and Brick Operations
Custom Programming
Specific Internet Marketing Requirements
All Other
Telephony Technologies 
Broadcast Technologies
Mobile Technologies
Integration and Interoperability Technologies
PSTN Concerns
All Other
Other Related
Business goals and plans, Government regulations, planning issues, tax issues, legal issues, intellectual property issues, political issues, etc... ideally should be considered and properly integrated when and where it is necessary or desirable to do so. All Other.
A Word on Product Solutions:
In today's hybrid environment of service cloud and traditional solutions, there are a large number of providers, manufacturers, and resellers today offering an enormous variety of competing products and solutions.
Whatever your requirement, a solution already probably exists. The challenge is to find the best solutions delivered in the best manner to help you achieve your business goals. The goal is finding and properly qualifying solutions and successfully implementing them.