Welcome to Our Christian Organization Page!
Christian organizations such as churches, organic assemblies and small groups, para-ministry organizations, and Christian associations have special goals, needs, and requirements.  
For example, New Testament ministry is seen as service to God and to other people in His name. Jesus ministered and the Bible asserts that God endows His people with spiritual gifts for ministry. Christian ministry is both spiritual and practical with an emphasis placed on sharing (and defending in love) the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others. Ministries seek to affect the spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, vocational, and financial needs of people in positive ways.
Consider the following:

The Church
Assemblies of believers exist worldwide ranging from informal organic assemblies to organizations which have incorporated. They have many common but often unique needs and goals.
Parachurch organizations are Christian faith-based organizations that engage in education, evangelism, apologetics, and which work outside of and across denominations. These ministries can be businesses, non-profit corporations, or private association.
Specific Projects
Specific projects arise from visionary individuals and organizations that set out to accomplish something they believe God has laid on their hearts.
Other Related
Ministry goals, planning issues, government regulations, tax issues, legal issues, intellectual property issues, political issues, etc... ideally should be considered and properly integrated when and where it is necessary or desirable to do so.