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Innovation involves developing specific ways to improve your business that decrease costs and/or increase profit. Invention is a creative process that sees beyond what is known to find entirely new products and/or services. New ideas, products, services and better ways of doing things to decrease costs and increase profits are the goals of innovation and invention.  
It is critical that a company understand and wield innovation, invention, and change effectively. Successful product and service development provides profitable solutions for a company to profit from.
Consider the following: 

Innovation improves things and often begins by a change in thinking. It includes finding new uses for existing services and products as well as profitably wielding new discoveries. Innovation also involves finding ways to do things more efficiently and profitably.
Idea Creation
Idea Creation comes from internal and external sources. Implementing ways to capture it and wield it can give a business of any size a competitive advantage.
Invention is a creative process which sees beyond what is known.
R & D is invention systematically done to produce new applications, services, and products. 
Other Related
Desirable change comes in many forms and includes ways to reduce energy costs.